Refund Retriever Blog: FedEx & UPS shipment Auditing and Refunds

FBA Stranded Inventory: What You Need To Know

Many FBA sellers might not be aware of stranded inventory within seller central. But, it is an issue that all sellers must address on a regular basis. Stranded inventory prevents your products from being sold and affects your IPI. Therefore, let’s dive into this issue. What is stranded inventory? Stranded…

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FedEx One Rate 2020 Increase

COVID-19 has stimulated an increase in residential deliveries across the U.S. As a result, FedEx is experiencing extremely high demand and increased operating costs. Therefore, you will see a rate increase on FedEx One Rate pricing effective November 2, 2020. The new FedEx One Rate 2020 price increase base rates will…

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How has COVID-19 changed shipping?

COVID-19 changed the way the world interacts. The pandemic has changed shipping and the parcel delivery landscape. Naturally, more people are having packages delivered. Brick and mortar stores have limited hours, declaring bankruptcy, or just halting operations altogether.  Therefore, here is some data to show how this shift has affected one…

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