Refund Retriever Blog: FedEx & UPS shipment Auditing and Refunds

UPS Delivery Change Options

Last-minute changes and mistakes happen when shipping and shopping online. At some point, a package will go out with an incorrect address, or you may need to stop the parcel from being delivered. This is why UPS offers delivery changes and intercepts. Therefore, what are these options, and how do…

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What is a UPS SurePost package?

UPS SurePost

The last mile or final delivery of a UPS packages voyage, regardless of actual distance, is truly where costs add up. That last mile varies from a few blocks to 100’s of miles, this is where UPS SurePost can help. Consequently, reducing shipping bills and realizing viable cost savings start…

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How To Handle Shipping Delays: 4 Simple Tips

Online shippers face many obstacles in today’s complicated multi-channel world. Properly knowing how to handle shipping delays will turn customer service issues into a competitive advantage. Shipping delays before and during transit are two of the most frequent problems that online business owners experience. Buyers do not like shipping delays;…

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