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Refund Retriever Blog: FedEx & UPS shipment Auditing and Refunds

UPS Fuel Surcharges

If your company ships UPS, you understand the effect UPS fuel surcharge has on shipping costs. The calculation is a percentage of the base rate and adds to the expense of each package. As a result, it covers additional fuel costs and keeps UPS profitable, even when fuel price increases. What is…

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9 Ways to Reduce FedEx & UPS Shipping Costs

Let’s reduce shipping costs. FedEx and UPS are the world’s leading shipping couriers you can trust for speedy delivery of packages. Shipping costs can differ based on factors such as shipping destination, package size, weight, and shipping service selected. This blog presents ways to decrease shipping costs with FedEx and…

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Shipping Firearms with FedEx

Shipping firearms today is difficult; shipping firearms with FedEx is more accessible than shipping them via UPS. This blog is to help with shipping, but if you have additional questions, it is best to contact FedEx directly. Shipping Firearms with FedEx Express Only customers maintaining a Federal Firearms License (FFL)…

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