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What is a UPS SurePost package?

UPS SurePost

The last mile or final delivery of a UPS package voyage is where costs add up regardless of distance. The last mile varies from a few blocks to 100’s of miles, which is where UPS SurePost can help. Consequently, reducing shipping bills and realizing viable cost savings start with last-mile…

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What UPS Next Day Air Service Options are available?

With the demand for fast shipping rising, shippers and e-commerce businesses need to look at more options for speedy delivery. UPS offers three different next-day or UPS overnight services. As a result, companies can ensure delivery to compete with services like Amazon Prime.  UPS Next Day Air Early  UPS Next…

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UPS Pickup Options

UPS provides a variety of UPS pickup options depending upon a shipper’s needs. Every shipper is different so it is helpful to know all the options that are available to busy UPS shippers. UPS is the only carrier that can pick up all package types (Ground, Air, and International) with…

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What Happens If My Packages are Stolen?

With Black Friday and the holiday season approaching, there is guaranteed to be an increase in packages stolen from your doorstep. Porch Pirates will closely follow a delivery truck and take the merchandise as soon as the driver is out of sight. A report from August Home Inc found nearly…

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UPS Domestic Services

UPS offers many domestic delivery services with a wide range of delivery commitments. Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what service to use. Each service has different commitment dates and times. Here at Refund Retriever, we have prepared a quick reference chart for each service and its…

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