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What is a UPS SurePost package?

By Last updated on: December 5, 2022

The last mile or final delivery of a UPS package voyage is where costs add up regardless of distance. The last mile varies from a few blocks to 100’s of miles, which is where UPS SurePost can help. Consequently, reducing shipping bills and realizing viable cost savings start with last-mile delivery. Why is the last mile so expensive, with so many shipments going out daily?

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In short, last-mile delivery is inefficient; deliveries are made in small quantities to many residential locations instead of larger volume deliveries to a few commercial locations. A key strategy for reducing shipping costs is using a well-known shipping service, like UPS Ground, that is already heavily used, combined with a method explicitly targeting last-mile delivery costs. Sending your goods to your shipping destination via UPS truck is expensive. As a result, UPS found a way to make that final leg of delivery less expensive, passing those savings. That service is called UPS SurePost. The FedEx equivalent is known as FedEx SmartPost. This service is an excellent solution for many businesses looking to reduce shipping costs while keeping the quality of delivery and experience. Therefore, let’s go over what UPS SurePost is and how it works.

What is UPS SurePost?

UPS SurePost is an economy, residential, ground service. Sure Post combines the consistency and reliability of UPS Ground with final delivery typically provided by the U.S. Postal Service. In other words, SurePost is the hybrid UPS/USPS option. Also, the total dimensions of packages cannot exceed 130 inches if you select SurePost. Less than 1 lb or 1 lb or Greater or 108 inches if SurePost Bound Printed Matter or SurePost Media is used. UPS’s obligation limit for loss or damage to a SurePost package is one hundred dollars ($100) per box.

  • Less than 1 lb.: 1 ounce – 15.99 ounces
  • 1 lb. or Greater: 1 lb. – 70 lbs
  • SurePost – Bound Printed Matter (BPM): 1 lb. – 15 lbs. Literature, books, and permanently bound materials
  • SurePost Media: 1 lb.– 70 lbs. must contain media — advertisements, books, CDs, tapes, or film. 

How is UPS SurePost delivered?

This UPS shipping option starts with UPS’s Ground networks to cover most of the distance but then moves to the U.S. Postal Service for the final delivery. Therefore, according to UPS, this is a cheaper option that provides equivalent service to ground shipping. A US postal service mail carrier drops the package off at the final location, not a UPS delivery person. 

Can UPS SurePost Upgrade to UPS Ground?

Yes, it can. UPS My Choice For Home Member can upgrade service to Ground for $3.50 per package. My Choice For Home Premium Members has unlimited upgrades from UPS SurePost to Ground at no additional charge. 

UPS SurePost vs. Ground

Surepost utilizes the UPS small package network and USPS. Surepost UPS delivery is also available to PO boxes, Military APO, and FPO Destinations.

UPS SurePost Delivery Times?

Typically, UPS Surepost takes one or two days longer than UPS Ground shipping. UPS claims that SurePost packages take anywhere from two to seven days until final delivery by USPS.

UPS SurePost Rates 2023

These are the UPS SurePost Rates for 2023. The following image is for packages over 1 pound. There is a different rate chart for parcels under 1 lb.

UPS SurePost 1 lb or greater 2023

Other Fees – 2023 Rates

SurePost packages follow the same dimensional weight formula as UPS Ground, and the dimensional divisor is 139 unless otherwise specified in your company’s carrier agreement. Also, UPS adds a ground fuel surcharge to the UPS SurePost published rate. Consequently, dimensional weight does not apply to Less than one lb. packages. 

An additional charge per package applies to the following:

  • Non-Machinable Charge: $4.20
    • a) package with one dimension measuring over 34 inches and not exceeding 48 inches 
    • b) Any container with any two dimensions, each measuring more than 17 inches and not exceeding 30 inches
    • c) Any parcel weighing over 35 lb.
  • Non-Standard Cube Charge: $15.00
    • Any package with L x W x H measuring more than two cubic feet (3456 cubic inches)
  • Non-Standard Extra Length Charge: $5.00
    • Any package with the longest side measuring more than 30 inches and not exceeding 48 inches
  • Non-Standard Length Charge: $2.00
    • -Package with the longest side measuring more than 22 inches and not exceeding 27 inches
  • Delivery Area Surcharge: $ 3.60
  • Delivery Area Surcharge – Extended: $ 4.50
Additional UPS SurePost Charges 2023

This service could be 20 percent more affordable than UPS residential Ground, with similar service offerings. If you’re worried about implementing SurePost due to added pickup steps, don’t! SurePost package pickup is the same as ground and express packages. Thus, you do not need to take any additional steps to take advantage of this service.

Shippers and customers can still track packages, even during the final leg of their journey with USPS. These packages will technically include two shipping labels, one for each service. However, customers can still see shipments move through both services seamlessly with just one tracking number.


This service affords significant logistic savings over UPS ground services by eliminating some standard accessorial fees. This UPS service is not the solution for shipping every package, although it is a good alternative for a customer who is price-sensitive but not time-sensitive. Many e-commerce companies use this as a low-cost delivery substitute at a flat rate. Surepost usage could lower shopping cart abandonment and increase your online sales. 

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