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Do you ship? Get the refunds you deserve!

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FedEx Billing Online Tip: The Best Time to Pay Your FedEx Bill

By Last updated on: September 13, 2023

FedEx billing online is a wonderful tool. Unfortunately, many customers pay their carrier invoices too quickly. The surprising fact is this may cost more money in the long run. FedEx will deny late package refunds on the money-back guarantee for some service levels if the invoice has been paid.  

When should you pay the FedEx invoice?

Our suggestion: pay the invoice 3-5 business days before it’s due. As a result, this allows plenty of time for disputing and ensures you avoid late fees. Of course, Refund Retriever will continue disputing whether an invoice is paid or not.

  • Do not use EFT payments.
  • Do not schedule credit card payments.
  • Pay the FedEx invoice 3-5 days before the due date.
  • Submit credit card information once a week and submit the payment that day.
FedEx Billing Online Manually Make Payments

FedEx Billing Online

FedEx is a bit special in how they treat invoice payments. This has side effects in the disputing process. Carefully the FedEx terms of service; they see you paying the open FedEx invoice to finalize your agreement to their services rendered. As a result, invoice payment means once an invoice is paid, FedEx is less likely to issue refunds for disputed packages.

  • FedEx may treat invoice payment as approval of all charges.
  • FedEx will issue a refund on packages if paid. Not as easy when the invoice is unpaid.
  • Refund Retriever’s secondary phone call system will pursue denied guaranteed service refund disputes.

Accepted FedEx Late Delivery Dispute

Approved Guaranteed Service Failure Refund on FedEx Online Billing

Pending FedEx Late Delivery Dispute

Results of a late delivery dispute when the FedEx invoice has been paid.

The results vary by situation, but we see a decline in late delivery refunds issued by FedEx for packages from paid invoices compared with packages for new, unpaid invoices. Some packages may legitimately deserve refunds, but FedEx sees the paid invoice as a stamp of approval on the customer’s part.

How do I contact FedEx Billing?

Contact a FedEx billing representative (Revenue Services department) at 1-800-622-1147. If you need help with anything other than billing, call 1-800-Go-FedEx or 1-800-463-3339.

FedEx Money-Back Guarantee

Does FedEx ever issue refunds for packages on paid invoices? Sure, they do, all the time … just a little less often than for packages on new, unpaid invoices.

We would never advocate paying your invoice late — late fees would increase your costs, and it’s wise to avoid paying at the last minute. There may be a hidden cost in paying your invoice too early. Remember, there is a 15-day time limit to dispute late deliveries within the FedEx money-back guarantee. This is 15 days from the date of the invoice.

Save money on your FedEx Billing Online.

Contact us for help with the FedEx money-back guarantee or negotiating your subsequent FedEx agreement.

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