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What is a UPS Residential Surcharge?

By Last updated on: February 1, 2021

UPS defines a residential surcharge as a residential delivery made to a home, including a business operating out of a home. Furthermore, for each residential delivery, an additional charge per shipment will apply.  However, this fee applies in two cases. If either the delivery address entered or the actual delivery address is deemed residential by the UPS.

UPS Residential Surcharge: A residential delivery is defined as delivery to a location that is a home, including a business operating out of a home.

UPS and FedEx charge a higher rate for residential addresses. In short, this additional charge is due to the inconvenience of delivering one shipment to a single location. In comparison to possible multiple deliveries with a commercial address.

How Much is the UPS Residential Charge?

Ground & Standard$3.95$4.10$4.45
Domestic & International Air$4.55$4.70$5.00
Hundredweight$40.00 per shipment$41.85 per shipment$43.20 per shipment
Worldwide Express Freight$130.00 per shipment$140.00 per shipment$160.00 per shipment

UPS Residential Surcharge 2021: $4.45 Ground

UPS Residential Surcharge 2021 $4.45

UPS Simple Rate to a residence

Residential Surcharge does not apply to UPS Simple Rate shipments. In addition, UPS Simple Rate packages do not have delivery area surcharge, delivery area surcharge extended, or fuel surcharges. UPS SurePost is not subject to residential surcharges. However, UPS SurePost does not honor the guaranteed delivery service commitment like FedEx or UPS Ground. If your UPS SurePost package arrives late, you will not be entitled to a full refund of the shipping costs.  

UPS Residential Delivery Hours

Residential delivery by UPS generally occurs anytime between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. to residences. Recently UPS has been on the road later into the evening delivering packages.  So then do not be surprised to see a UPS delivery truck on your block past 8:00 p.m.

Historical UPS Ground Residential Delivery Costs:


How to Reduce UPS Residential Delivery Costs  

Many shippers never utilize options available to reduce the impact of these ever-increasing charges. For example, the shipping service options UPS SurePost and FedEx SmartPost. These use the United States Postal Service (USPS) to make final-mile delivery. Therefore, if you are a large volume shipper, optimizing your carrier contract with a Refund Retriever is essential. We will help reduce UPS residential delivery surcharge impact. Contract optimization experts identify areas where you could save money. In conclusion, most customers find themselves saving 10-20 percent per year. Contact Refund Retriever to get started.

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