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UPS Simple Rate: The New Flat Rate Option To Know

By Last updated on: October 29, 2019

In light of FedEx One Rate and USPS Flat Rate Priority Mail, UPS has introduced UPS Simple Rate. UPS Simple Rate is the new UPS flat rate service offering. Now shippers can use their boxes up to 1,728 cubic inches at one low cost. Whereas, the maximum actual weight per UPS Simple Rate package is 50 pounds. 

Advantages of UPS Simple Rate

On the positive side, no special packaging is required! Shippers can use any boxes or poly mailers that are up to one cubic foot in size (1,728 cubic inches). In contrast, the maximum volume for FedEx flat rate is 1,452 cubic inches and does not include a ground delivery option. Also, FedEx One Rate is divided into zones, and UPS has a national flat rate. Other services require the shipper to use unique branded supplies, but not UPS.

Also, users will see the added benefit of avoiding some surcharges. To emphasize, these shipments will not have these surcharges: residential surcharge, delivery area surcharge, delivery area surcharge extended, and fuel surcharges.

What services are offered with UPS Simple Rate?

UPS users may choose from three service options: 

  • 2nd Day Air®
  • 3 Day Select®
  • Ground®

However, three-day air is not available for shipments originating in or destined to Alaska and Hawaii. Nor is it possible to use with returns services, hundredweight, hazardous materials shipments, third-party billing, or COD shipments. Additionally, international deliveries are not currently supported by this service.

What size boxes can I use?

The maximum size limit is 1,728 cubic inches and 50 pounds. The largest cubed box is a 12 x 12 x 12 (length x width x height). Another key point, express packaging can be used with UPS Simple Rate for Second Day Air shipments.

What does UPS Simple Rate cost?

The cost of the package will be determined by the service and cubic inches of the box. First, determine the package size and determine what UPS Simple Rate size is. The dimensions are as follows:

Cubic InchesUPS Simple Rate Size
1-100Extra Small 
101-250  Small
251-650  Medium
651-1,050  Large
1,051-1,728  Extra Large

Then once you know the size that your box or poly mailer is, you will choose the service and get your corresponding cost.  

Cost for Shipments in the 48 Contiguous States 

2nd Day Air®3 Day Select®Ground
Extra Small$15.80$12.95$8.10
Medium$24.20 $21.95$12.50
Extra Large$55.85$37.95$20.75

Does UPS Simple Rate Quality for Guaranteed Service Refunds(GSR)?

Yes, it does. There are no exceptions or exclusions on this new service offering in the UPS terms and service guide. If your package arrives late, by all means, you are entitled to a guaranteed service refund!  

Other Important UPS Simple Rate Details

All standard pickup and drop-off options are available for use with this new service. Shippers can use a daily pickup as usual or drop it off at any UPS location. Namely, this includes drop boxes, UPS Customer Counters, UPS Store® locations, and Authorized Shipping Outlets.

If you are concerned about revenue tier structures on your UPS agreement, do not be. These shipments count towards your revenue volume. However, since this a new offering, there are very few carrier agreements that address the flat-rate option.

In Conclusion

Generally speaking, UPS Simple Rate pricing is truly that, it is simple. As long as you determine your package size and service, you have a set cost. Now shippers can more quickly and accurately forecast package delivery cost. I believe this will be a massive benefit for many shippers and may also convert some FedEx shippers over.

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