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UPS Surepost Non-Machinable Charge

By Last updated on: August 2, 2023

UPS SurePost is a low-cost delivery service with accessorial fees that can increase the final delivery cost. UPS Ground has many more accessorial fees than SurePost. Shippers can expect to see the non-machinable charges, DAS, DAS extended, peak surcharges, and fuel surcharges. In this blog, we will explore the UPS surepost non-machinable charge.

Effective July 2, 2023, SurePost Non-Machinable charges will be discontinued. SurePost Non-Standard Length definitions will change. To view the updates, please visit our UPS Surepost blog.

UPS Surepost Non-Machinable Charge 2023 Change

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What is a UPS SurePost package?

UPS SurePost is a cost-efficient residential ground service. SurePost combines the reliability of UPS Ground with final delivery typically provided by the USPS. SurePost is the hybrid UPS/USPS option. The total dimensions of packages cannot exceed 130 inches. Also, initial pickup is provided by your daily UPS driver.

Shippers sending smaller packages to residential recipients benefit the most from Surepost. as a rule, shipments must be lightweight with a small footprint to fit comfortably in a mail truck. Additionally, these packages should:

  • Weigh less than 10 lbs.
  • Measure under one cubic foot (1728 cubic inches)
  • Final delivery to residential deliveries

What is a UPS Surepost Non-Machinable Charge?

An additional charge per package applies to the following:

  1. Any container with one dimension measuring more than 34 inches and not exceeding 48 inches
  2. Boxes with any two dimensions, each measuring over 17 inches and not exceeding 30 inches
  3. Lastly, all packages weighing over 35 lb.

What is the cost for UPS Surepost Non-Machinable?

  • 2023: $4.20 per package
  • 2022: $3.70 per package
  • 2021: $2.95 per package
UPS SurePost 2023 Non-Machinable-Charge

New 2023 Additional Surepost Charges

  • Non-Standard Cube Charge – $15.00 per package
    • Any package with L x W x H measuring more than 2 cubic feet.
  • Non-Standard Extra Length Charge – $5.00 per package
    • Any package with the longest side measuring more than 30 inches and not exceeding 48 inches.
  • Non-Standard Length Charge – $2.00 per package
    • Any package with the longest side measuring more than 22 inches and not exceeding 27 inches.

What else should you know?

UPS SurePost does not guarantee the time and date of delivery for any package. UPS SurePost will not support the UPS Service Guarantee. Therefore, no refund credits for late delivery. UPS Surepost Non-Machinable is only applicable to UPS Surepost, not ground.

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