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FedEx & UPS Late Package GSR Waivers

By April 21, 2015

A trend we are seeing in the ever-changing parcel negotiation world is carriers offering some sort of greater discount in exchange for foregoing the guaranteed service refund claims process. This exchange would obviously affect shippers differently depending on the types of services used the most. But, delivering packages on time is a service standard – not a luxury. Does it ever make sense to waive the right to a refund if your carrier is delivering substandard service?

Perhaps the thought of managing your shipping history to discover what packages actually made it on time versus those that are late seems overwhelming to you. Maybe you are a small business and cannot dedicate the manpower to tracking this information. You could even justify the decision to waive based on the record of on-time performance with certain shipping methods. Is the discount you receive really going to out-weigh the potential gains of UPS or FedEx refunds?

Using a third party auditor like Refund Retriever, these questions will no longer be issues. That is exactly what we are set up to help you with. With third-party freight auditing you do not need to dedicate any of your in-house manpower to deal with parcel management and UPS and FedEx refunds for late deliveries. Using Refund Retriever’s analytical tools, you can even see on-time performance of your carrier and how waiving this right to refund can affect your bottom line.

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Waiving GSRs is about more than potentially saving a few bucks. Keep in mind that a delivered package is possibly the last contact you have with a customer. Would a late package leave you with a good impression? In addition to an unsatisfied customer, your guaranteed service refund waiver now prohibits you to receive a refund for that UPS or FedEx late delivery. That’s just adding insult to injury. Customers are expecting packages to be delivered on time. Shouldn’t you?

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It is imperative that you do your homework if considering a GSR waiver is return for a deeper discount. Refund Retriever’s analytical tools are an ideal way to get information about your shipping habits to confirm if this is a beneficial decision for your company. There is no excuse for making an uniformed decision. If you have already made the decision to forgo GSR waivers, ask your carrier representative to frequently provide impact statements in order for you to see if your decision continues to benefit your company. It’s never too late to renegotiate.

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