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How late were FedEx and UPS holiday deliveries?

By Last updated on: June 21, 2022

Here at Refund Retriever, we audit FedEx and UPS invoices for late deliveries and billing mistakes, we know data. Especially data relating to FedEx and UPS peak season deliveries. So how late were FedEx and UPS this holiday season? Many shippers were even removed from Amazon because of the delays of the shipping companies. Therefore, we will look into the data to see the FedEx and UPS holiday deliveries for 2019.  

UPS Late Peak Season Deliveries

UPS holiday deliveries 2019
UPS December late deliveries 2019

UPS Delivery Facts

In 2018, UPS delivered 5.2 billion packages. This was an average of 20.7 million packages per day, yet with a greater amount during the peak season.  UPS announced plans to hire 100,000 seasonal employees in 2019 to handle the increased package volume through the holiday season. UPS expected to daily deliveries of 40 million per day in 2019.

According to our data, UPS saw the most delays at the beginning of December this year. In the first week, 17% of our clients’ packages were delayed. This number lowered to 7% by the end of December. Normally, we see a 6% late package rate for UPS packages, Express and Ground.

FedEx Late Peak Season Deliveries

FedEx 2019 Late Deliveries
FedEx December Late Deliveries

FedEx Delivery Facts

This year FedEx estimated a record package volume on Cyber Monday. They expected on December 2, 2019, to move more than 33 million packages on that day alone.  In addition, FedEx also expected to more than double the average daily package volume on the two Mondays that followed.

For all of December 2019, we saw 18% of all Ground and Express FedEx packages not delivered on time. The first two weeks of December were the toughest for deliveries, mainly ground.

Significant Dates for FedEx and UPS Holiday Deliveries

Black Friday November 29 November 27
Cyber Monday December 2 November 30

FedEx and UPS holiday deliveries during the peak season of 2019 were not kind to shippers or receivers. In particular, the beginning of December saw the largest amount of late packages. This could have been due to weather delays or just the huge influx of holiday shipments. As a result, the carriers hire seasonal employees each year and this is a continued problem.

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