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How to Efficiently Scale Your Online Business

By Last updated on: March 9, 2023

E-commerce has seen incredible growth in the past few years, and this booming industry is evolving every day. Thankfully, that means selling platforms and corresponding software tools are constantly improving to help make it easier for online retailers to find success, and boost revenue. Let’s break down how SellerActive can help you scale your online business and increase profit. 

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SellerActive, interviewed recently on Refund Retriever’s podcast The Shipper’s Toolbox, is one of those platforms that help make each step of the eCommerce process efficient and easy.

How SellerActive Improves Your E-commerce Game

In the first place, SellerActive is a multichannel management platform that helps online businesses offer their products for sale on various marketplaces and reduces the difficulty of managing those items on individual channels.

Amazon dominated the e-commerce market in 2020 and 2021. However, their main competitors have also seen massive growth, signifying to sellers that channel diversification is a must. Amazon’s strict FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) restrictions, and the impressive rise of, have helped drive this need to diversify their product reach. Sellers have certainly benefited during the COVID pandemic by utilizing SellerActive to do so.

At the present time, SellerActive integrates with Amazon, eBay, Walmart, BigCommerce, Shopify, Etsy, and Newegg. If a seller happens to be offering products on each of these channels, SellerActive keeps their inventory synchronized, and available for sale on each. It may seem a daunting task to keep track of inventory across several sales channels. However, SellerActive takes all of the hassles out of it with their robust software.

SellerActive Online Business

Why should online retailers choose SellerActive?

Additionally, SellerActive approves sellers of all models. This includes brand-registered sellers, resellers, drop-shippers, and even those sellers who are brand new to the market and haven’t sold anything yet. In fact, you can erase any concerns you might have about getting approved to sell on various platforms. SellerActive is a preferred technology partner with such major marketplaces as Amazon and Walmart. With this in mind, this means they’ve got the connections to help quicken the application process, and secure more approvals.

The multichannel platform also increases efficiency; avoid going back and forth between marketplaces to change inventory levels to list your products, or manually reprice your inventory. A seller can import a file into SellerActive with all of its rich product data (titles, descriptions, bullet points, images, etc). In return, you can clean up modify this data to have unique content specific to each marketplace. 

SellerActive’s system then automatically maps out the listing, and each of its category trees, to the separate channels. This prevents you from filling out every little granular requirement and instead simply transfers all of the data, via software.

For most clients, it takes just an hour or two to import their current catalog, and then go live with the software in just a day or two. All of this generates much more time for you to be focusing on scaling your business, instead of worrying about keeping track of inventory across several spreadsheets. Once live, sellers can add SellerActive’s algorithmic repricing tool to their account. This tool helps sellers win the Amazon Buy Box 72% of the time, and Walmart’s Buy Box 84%!

What if you run into any problems in selling through SellerActive?

Customer support is one of SellerActive’s most popular services. Implementation reps are available to each client to ensure they are delivered a smooth selling experience. The SellerActive website is also a very helpful resource. Their Support Center provides answers to just about any question a seller might have. There are also training webinars available, phone chat, and email support, or you can schedule time with Professional Services to discuss:

  • Marketplace expansion
  • Listing products and services
  • Inventory management
  • Software training
  • Data enrichment
  • And more!

Enhance Business Growth through SellerActive

Expanding to multiple online marketplaces is a terrific way to scale your business. SellerActive’s team, tools, and software system can help you get there faster. If you’re curious to learn more or start up an account at SellerActive, you can request a live demo from the SellerActive website or email this article’s author.

Tim Bildstein

Author Tim Bildstein

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Twelve years of direct e-commerce experience as a seller and working with various technology applications. Currently the Director of Business Development at SellerActive. Having built partnerships with a variety of SaaS applications, and working directly with thousands of sellers for over a decade, I’ve built a framework to understand what a seller needs from a technological or operational standpoint to make strategic business improvements.

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