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UPS Shipping Rates – UPS Daily vs UPS Retail Rates

UPS-Daily-VS-UPS-Retail-Rates Refund Retriever

Many shippers need to realize there are two package rates for all UPS shipping rates. The amount you pay for shipping depends on a few factors; therefore, it is crucial to ensure you are using the correct designation. Additionally, retail shipping rates might differ entirely from the UPS published rates. Let’s look…

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2021 UPS Rate Increase Impact Study

Every year shipping prices go up and many businesses just absorb the cost without really realizing the impact. What does the 2021 UPS Rate increase really mean? We will look at the 2021 UPS Rate Increase Impact for a single shipment and compare it to that of 2020. UPS rates…

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What UPS Next Day Air Service Options are available?

With the demand for fast shipping rising, shippers and e-commerce businesses need to look at more options for speedy delivery. UPS offers three different next-day or UPS overnight services. As a result, companies can ensure delivery to compete with services like Amazon Prime.  UPS Next Day Air Early  UPS Next…

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