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Additional Handling Surcharge Increases for FedEx & UPS

By Last updated on: January 10, 2019

Additional Handling Surcharge Increases for FedEx & UPS are here. Once again, FedEx and UPS are on the same page and both made changes for additional handling charges on ground packages. FedEx and UPS have increased their surcharges to include a handling fee on packages that are longer than 48 inches, as opposed to the previous 60-inch threshold.

2018 Increases

FedEx Additional Handling

On May 2, FedEx issued this announcement for any ground packages transported within the U.S. and to Canada:

“Effective June 1, 2016. Additional Handling Surcharge. A surcharge applies to any FedEx Ground package that measures greater than 48 inches but equal to or less than 108 inches along its longest side.” Prior to June 1, 2016, a surcharge applied to any FedEx Ground package that measured greater than 60 inches. The surcharge remains at $10.50 per package.

additional handling

UPS Additional Handling

And UPS followed on May 6 announcing that a new UPS Additional Handling charge will apply to any UPS ground packages in the U.S:

“Effective June 6, 2016, UPS is changing the measurement that determines whether the UPS Additional Handling charge will be applied to UPS Ground services. Any package with the longest side exceeding 48 inches, instead of 60 inches, will be assessed the fee. The Additional Handling fee of $10.50 remains the same. The change does not impact UPS Air or International shipments.”

Increased Shipping Charges

With the continued increase of the e-commerce landscape and packages in the UPS and FedEx networks, we are guaranteed to see more fee increases in the near future. Many shippers are unaware that their shipping costs are soaring until it’s too late. Even those that are aware of the changes are unequipped with the proper information to combat these changes.

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