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UPS Holiday Surcharges – What you need to know

UPS-Peak-Surcharges-2022 Refund Retriever

How will UPS holiday season surcharges affect your business this year? From October 1, 2023, through January 13, 2024, UPS will apply peak surcharges to shipments that qualify as oversized, unauthorized, or require additional handling and existing charges. FedEx also implemented peak season surcharge increases as well. Check out this…

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How late were FedEx and UPS holiday deliveries?

Here at Refund Retriever, we audit FedEx and UPS invoices for late deliveries and billing mistakes, we know data. Especially data relating to FedEx and UPS peak season deliveries. So how late were FedEx and UPS this holiday season? Many shippers were even removed from Amazon because of the delays…

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What Happens If My Packages Are Stolen?

In today’s world, there is guaranteed to be an increase in packages stolen from your doorstep. Porch Pirates will closely follow a delivery truck and take merchandise as soon as the driver is out of sight. A report from August Home Inc. found nearly 11 million U.S. homeowners have had…

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