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USPS Price Increase

USPS has some of the lowest postage rates and offers excellent value in shipping. Like FedEx and UPS, the USPS price increase can be expected yearly. Here at Refund Retriever, we audit FedEx and UPS shipments for late deliveries and other billing mistakes. As a result, the majority of our…

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2023 UPS Rate Increase, Part 2: General Rate Increase (GRI)

Coming on the heels of the 2023 FedEx shipping increases, the 2023 UPS Rate Increase is here! UPS announced increases in the 2023 shipping rates. UPS ground, air, and international rates will increase an average net of 6.9% effective December 27, 2022. In addition to increasing daily package rates, other changes will increase…

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UPS Over Maximum Limit Charge Have you at your Limit?

In 2011, United Parcel Service began charging more to handle oversized packages. Over maximum limit packages are heavier or larger than average, therefore costing UPS more internally to process. They are passing on the cost to the shippers and making more profit. How much is the UPS over maximum charge?…

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Freight Retriever Rate Comparison

Refund Retriever has teamed up with Freight Cowboy to make LTL and truckload freight as easy as shipping a FedEx or UPS package. In just a few easy steps you can see a savings of 15-25% off your current rates by assessing our negotiated contract rates based on a billion…

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Make America Freight Again!

As your business grows, so should freight costs. Above-average increases in freight costs could indicate your expenses are cutting into your bottom line. When freight spending becomes a large percentage of total revenue, it has a negative impact overall.   Refund Retriever is proud to introduce Freight Retriever. Our new…

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Free Shipping Strategies for Online Sellers

A free shipping strategy is critical in today’s online marketplace. You have 100% confidence in your product. The price can’t be beaten. Customer service is off the charts. You receive a customer’s order and prepare products for shipping. And then it happens…the shipping process begins, and this is where your…

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Refund Retriever: FedEx and UPS Auditing

FedEx Refunds

Anytime a carrier (FedEx or UPS) is even one minute late with a shipment, you are entitled to a full refund. Refund Retriever is here to help. We find the late deliveries on your FedEx and UPS invoices and automatically have the carrier issue a full refund to your account.  …

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