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UPS Pickup Options

By Last updated on: November 21, 2019
UPS pickup options

UPS provides a variety of UPS pickup options depending upon a shipper’s needs. Every shipper is different so it is helpful to know all the options that are available to busy UPS shippers. UPS is the only carrier that can pick up all package types (Ground, Air, and International) with a single driver and charges per pick-up, not per package.

UPS Pickup Options

Smart Pickup

Process a shipment using WorldShip, UPS Internet Shipping or UPS CampusShip before a designated notification time and a UPS driver will automatically pick it up. This is a convenient option that provides great value, because you only get pickups on days you have packages to ship. The cost is $14.45 per week. If a package is processed too late in the day to notify the UPS driver to pick up your package the same day, you can schedule a Smart Pickup for the following day, request a UPS On-Call Pickup®, or find a UPS location to drop off your shipment. Smart Pickup is available to UPS account holders for all UPS services from any validated pickup location in the U.S. The Smart Pickup notify time is generally one hour before your scheduled pickup time.

Day-Specific Pickup

Pre-select up to 4 specific business days, Monday through Friday, each week for a UPS driver to pick up shipments. Best for businesses that ship only on specific days. The cost for accounts with weekly billing less than $75 is only $14.45 per week for 1-2 days, $22.30 per week for 3 days, $29.00 per week for 4 days. The cost for accounts with weekly billing of $75 or more is just $14.45-$14.50 per week for 1-4 days.  If you a Day-Specific Pickup that falls on a scheduled UPS holiday, we will automatically set up a scheduled pickup for you for the next UPS business day.
Daily On-Route Pickup

Daily On-Route Pickup

Even if you’re not receiving any packages, a driver will attempt a pickup at your location every business day while making deliveries in your area. This option is best for businesses that want the convenience of an automatic daily pickup, but can be flexible on pickup times. The cost for accounts with weekly billing under $75 per week is $27.00 per week or $13.50 if your weekly billing is over $75.

Daily Pickup

This option is best for customers who ship every day and want an automatic pickup time daily. Pickup is five days a week between a certain window of time, a driver will come by without checking for the status of any shipments or without any kind of notification. This is available for all UPS services, to and from all UPS destinations Monday through Friday, excluding UPS holidays.

The cost for accounts with weekly billing less than $75 is $31.00 per week. UPS accounts with weekly billing of $75 or more will cost $15.00 per week.

UPS On-Call Pickup

Infrequent shippers who do not need a scheduled pickup service may schedule a shipment pickup on the same or a future day.  Traveling business users can request a pick up at a location other than their normal scheduled pickup location or for customers who do not have scheduled pickup service.

No matter how many packages you have, fees are only applied once per pickup request. The cost is $6.70 for a same-day request and $5.65 for future-day requests. A residential surcharge will be added if the pickup occurs at a residential location and an area surcharge will apply if the pickup occurs at a residence that is designated by UPS as rural, remote or extended.

Saturday Pickup

Another pickup option that is available is a UPS Saturday pickup also known as Saturday Air Processing Fee. Shippers can get the same delivery commitment as a package shipped on a Friday. UPS will collect your package on a Saturday at your request for a cost of $16.00. Saturday Pickup includes packages tendered to UPS and packages dropped off at retail locations on Saturday. Saturday Delivery and Saturday pickup are only available for UPS 3 Day Select, UPS Ground and UPS Ground with Freight Pricing services in select areas

2020 Scheduled Pickup Weekly Service Charges

Daily Pickup 20192020Increase
($0.00-$74.99 Weekly Billing Total)$29.00$31.006.9%
($75.00+ Weekly Billing Total)$14.50$15.506.9%
Daily On-Route Pickup
($0.00-$74.99 Weekly Billing Total)$27.00$29.007.4%
($75.00+ Weekly Billing Total)$13.50$14.507.4%
Day-Specific Pickup
4 days ($0.00-$74.99 Weekly Billing Total)$27.00$29.007.4%
4 days ($75.00+ Weekly Billing Total)$13.50$14.507.4%
3 days ($0.00-$74.99 Weekly Billing Total)$20.30$22.309.9%
3 days ($75.00+ Weekly Billing Total)$13.45$14.457.4%
1 or 2 days$13.45$14.457.4%
UPS Smart Pickup$13.45$14.457.4%

Ship Smarter

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