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How to Find Your FedEx Credits

FedEx credits are applied to the very same invoice as the original package. The refund credits are simple to find when you log into FedEx Online Billing. How to Find Your FedEx Credits: Step by Step Instructions FedEx Download Adjusted Invoice Recently, FedEx has included the ability for customers to…

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Damaged Package Claims Process: UPS

The UPS damaged package claim process is easier to navigate than shippers believe. Recently, a valued customer of Refund Retriever contacted us with a question about damaged packages. UPS notified the shipper that they damaged a package during transit and discarded it. UPS never delivered the item to the customer….

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UPS Pickup Options

UPS provides a variety of UPS pickup options depending upon a shipper’s needs. Every shipper is different so it is helpful to know all the options that are available to busy UPS shippers. UPS is the only carrier that can pick up all package types (Ground, Air, and International) with…

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What Happens If My Packages are Stolen?

With Black Friday and the holiday season approaching, there is guaranteed to be an increase in packages stolen from your doorstep. Porch Pirates will closely follow a delivery truck and take the merchandise as soon as the driver is out of sight. A report from August Home Inc found nearly…

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How to Void Unused UPS Shipping Labels Online

UPS charges for each shipping label generated on your UPS account. Therefore it is essential to void unused UPS shipping labels. You pay for the label even when a third party creates an unused label billed to your UPS account. And while the shipping labels can be voided, only the…

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FedEx Online Billing Invoice Downloads

Many people do not know how to download a FedEx invoice from the FedEx Online Billing Center. Here is an introductory video on how exactly to do this. It’s easy! FedEx Billing Online First, go to Enter your FedEx ID and password. Select Get Billing Online and click the…

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How Refund Retriever Integrates with Big Commerce

Refund Retriever and BigCommerce work together. Every FedEx and UPS package you send is guaranteed to arrive or it’s free – even ground and home delivery. However, FedEx and UPS do not automatically give you a refund for a late shipment. Refund Retriever automatically audits your invoices and returns the…

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