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Damaged Package Claims Process: UPS

By Last updated on: September 17, 2019

The UPS damaged package claim process is much easier to navigate than shippers believe. Recently, a valued customer of Refund Retriever contacted us with a question about damaged packages.  UPS notified the shipper that they damaged a package during transit and discarded it. UPS never delivered the item to the customer. What is a UPS shipper to do when this happens?

Who can file a damaged package claim with UPS?

  • The shipper of the package
  • The recipient of the package
  • The shipper’s appointed representative
  • 3rd Party

How do I file a UPS damaged package claim?

UPS has a five-step process to follow before a shipper can get the claim paid. To process the claim, you will need to provide supporting documentation. This should show the lesser of the actual cost, cost to repair or replace the merchandise. For example a document such as:

  • invoice / receipt
  • purchase order
  • repair bill/estimate
  • damage photos

The claimant can upload these documents in the following formats: .JPG, .JPEG, .TIF, .TIFF, .BMP, .PDF, .DOC, .DOCX, and .PNG file formats. In addition, the file size cannot exceed 1 MB per document. You must provide at least one document to complete submission.

How do we start the package claim?

  1. Log in to

  2. Go to the claims dashboard

  3. On the claims dashboard, if you see an existing claim and tracking number, click on the view detail link under “Actions”

  4. On the claims dashboard, If there is no claim, you can add a new claim by clicking on the “Add New Claim” button

    Here you will enter the tracking number, your role in the process and the type of problem.

  5. Let’s say there is already a claim previously filed. This happens many times by UPS or the recipient before the shipper is involved. But, the shipper needs to add some additional information. 

    Click on the view details page link. Sometimes the recipient will start the UPS damaged package claim process before contacting you.

  6. Once the claims detail page is open, the shipper needs to update the claim. Click on the link at the bottom.

  7. When the package details page opens, click on the package details drop-down arrow

  8. Enter all the pertinent information

    a. (note there is a 50 character limit)
    b. Enter the number of items and cost per item
    c. *Remember that all UPS packages have a $99 declared value assigned, even if you don’t purchase insurance you can make a claim up to $99 (FIND THIS IN SERVICE GUIDE)
    d. Be sure to choose “Replace items” or “Repair Items” depending on your situation.
    f. Enter total transportation cost from your UPS invoice.
    Once all complete, hit the save button.

  9. You will get a screen saying “your claim has been updated”

  10. Once you get back to the claims detail page – click on the upload payment document link

    a. You must provide supporting documentation that shows the lesser of the actual cost, cost to repair or replace the merchandise.

  11. Choose document and then hit the submit button

    Note: when we did this step – the attached documents count did not change at first – this will update later. Therefore, don’t freak out.

We are all done!

Check back periodically on the claims dashboard for updates. Payment information will be updated on the claims detail page as the process moves along. Generally, filing a damaged package claim for a UPS package is not hard if you have the correct documents and information. 

How can Refund Retriever help your company with the UPS damaged packages? 

Refund Retriever Damage Package Report UPS

Refund Retriever can help with the process by providing a specific report that lists all packages with a UPS damage event in the tracking history. Let us help start the UPS damaged package claim process. We monitor all your tracking numbers and filter any tracking event that indicates it was damaged. Remember, claims are also available for lost or undelivered packages. Our lost and undelivered package report will list all packages that have not been delivered after 15 days of invoicing. In conclusion, contact us today to learn more about our shipment auditing or reporting features. 

damaged package

How can Route help your company with damaged packages? 

Route is a new online order tracking service offered on thousands of merchant websites for just 98¢. 

Filing a Claim Through Route.

When you include Route in your eCommerce order by checking the box at checkout, you’ll receive a claim link in your inbox to use in case your package is lost, stolen, or damaged.

damaged package
  • You will need a tracking number if your package was lost, a police report number if the package was stolen, and a picture if the package was damaged.
  • Once your claim is received, the Route team will review the details and send you a replacement product or a refund within 24 hours.

Route is launching its mobile app on Oct 1st, which will allow customers to file claims with a single click, visually track all in-transit packages, and store order histories so all information is easily accessible. Simply click here to join the waiting list.

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