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What are USPS Zones?

If you’re new to the world of shipping, you’re probably wondering what USPS postal zones mean. It is the U.S. postal service’s way of determining the distance between a parcel’s destination address and its origin. The USPS( United States Postal Service) covers every square mile of the U.S. Since January…

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USPS Price Increase

USPS has some of the lowest postage rates and offers excellent value in shipping. Like FedEx and UPS, the USPS price increase can be expected yearly. Here at Refund Retriever, we audit FedEx and UPS shipments for late deliveries and other billing mistakes. As a result, the majority of our…

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FedEx SmartPost vs Home Delivery

Many shippers look at FedEx SmartPost (FedEx Ground Economy) vs. Home Delivery with a confused look. With FedEx rates rising yearly, we help many small parcel shippers evaluate current contracts and discount rates. One of the most commonly asked questions, “Would Smart Post be an option to lower shipping costs?”…

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How does the cost of transportation impact your business?

If you had visited the Refund Retriever booth at WooConf or Channel Advisor’s Catalyst this past year you had the chance to play a frustrating hook and ring game. It’s a fun little game we brought to provide some entertainment and we had a huge request from people to have…

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