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Refund Retriever Blog: FedEx & UPS shipment Auditing and Refunds

UPS & FedEx International Services

UPS and FedEx both provide excellent international delivery options. We decided to put each international service side by side to compare the estimated delivery dates for both carriers. This is a general guide to determining when your package will arrive. Contact each carrier directly for more accurate FedEx & UPS…

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FedEx Domestic Delivery Services

There are many FedEx domestic delivery services with various delivery commitments. Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to figure out which service to use. Therefore, we have created a quick reference chart for each service with a delivery range. Enjoy! The price of each FedEx domestic delivery service is typically higher…

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FedEx Online Billing Invoice Downloads

Many people do not know how to download a FedEx invoice from the FedEx Online Billing Center. Here is an introductory video on how exactly to do this. It’s easy! FedEx Billing Online First, go to Enter your FedEx ID and password. Select Get Billing Online and click the…

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Refund Retriever Integrates with BigCommerce

Every FedEx and UPS package you send is guaranteed to arrive or free – even ground and home delivery. However, FedEx and UPS do not automatically give you a refund for a late shipment. Refund Retriever automatically audits your invoices and returns the credits to your invoices. Thanks to our…

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