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Refund Retriever Blog: FedEx & UPS shipment Auditing and Refunds

Amazon’s Choice: What it Means and How To Get Badge

With the high rate of technological advancement worldwide, online shopping is easy. E-commerce continues to boom. Industry giants like Amazon continue to rake in all the traffic and attention in the industry. This increased traffic has come with a consistent spike in buyers and sellers to its platform. The actual…

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Why are Fuel Surcharges so High?

FedEx and UPS fuel surcharges are at an all-time high. By the time this blog is live, the fuel surcharge will be even higher. UPS express fuel surcharge is 22.75%, and the ground is 18% as of June 13, 2022. FedEx express fuel surcharge is 22.75%, and the ground is…

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UPS Over Maximum Limit Charge Have you at your Limit?

In 2011, United Parcel Service began charging more to handle oversized packages. Over maximum limit packages are heavier or larger than average, therefore costing UPS more internally to process. They are passing on the cost to the shippers and making more profit. How much is the UPS over maximum charge?…

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