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Major 2011 Accessorial Fee Increases

By April 12, 2011

Fees - FedEx & UPS In a not so shocking move, FedEx and UPS increased their additional fees and other charges. This increase has become about 35% of the total transportation costs. These acccessorial fees are up from a low of 5% to a high of 14%. These additional charges do nothing to increase your discounts or spending based incentives.

All costs shown are per-package:

Fee  Cost in 2010  Addition  Cost in 2011
Added Handling$7.50  + $0.50$8.00
Address Correction  $10.00+ $1.00  $11.00
COD Fees$10.00+ $0.50$10.50
On call residential pickup$2.20+ $0.25$2.45
DAS commercial$1.70+ $0.15$1.85
DAS extended residential$2.75+ $0.25$3.00
DAS extended commercial$1.70+ $0.15$1.85
DAS residential$2.50+ $0.25$2.75
DAS CWT maximum assessed$8.50+ $0.75$9.25
Declared value minimum$2.10+ $0.15$2.25
Declared value per $ 100$0.70+ $0.05$0.75
Delivery intercept$11.00+ $3.00$14.00
Signature indirect$1.75+ $0.25$2.00
Direct signature$3.00+ $0.25$3.25
Adult signature$4.00+ $0.25$4.25
Residential Air surcharge$2.50+ $0.25$2.75
Residential Ground surcharge$2.20+ $0.25$2.45

Funny how fees rarely go down, isn’t it.

The addition of more fees mean it’s even more complicated to detect issues, request refunds, and verify they have been applied to your account. Increased fees mean it’s more important than ever to get the refunds you deserve.

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