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Tip: Always Immediately Void Unused UPS Return Labels

By Last updated on: January 18, 2019

Tips from Refund Retriever Here’s a money-saving tip: always immediately Void unused UPS Return shipping labels!

Unused UPS Labels

Generally, unused UPS labels (un-shipped packages, non-shipments) can be voided for quite sometime after the label was generated. After all, the shipment was never physically processed, UPS has transported nothing for you for this package, and you are legitimately entitled to either a refund of the charges or to avoid the charges in the first place. We audit for non-shipments and will gladly void the package on your behalf as a part of our UPS shipment auditing service.

For most un-shipped packages / unused labels, the charges can be voided up to 6 months. Sometimes, however, the deadline comes much faster.

UPS Create a Return

UPS offers a feature in their website to “Create a Return”. Return service labels generated in this way, if they are unused, must be voided by midnight the following day (12:00 am Pacific / 3:00 am Eastern) otherwise these charges are non-refundable. That’s right, even we can’t help you with these once that deadline hits. Obviously, this is a small subset of packages, but by staying on top of things you can absolutely save money by remembering this tip. These particular labels can be voided by going through the “View History” link.

Moral of the story: be sure to void any UPS labels you do not use.

Refund Retriever can help find unused labels

Our proprietary refund technology will ease the UPS unvoided and late delivery refund logistics for your business.  We can monitor your accounts to apply for the refunds as well as provide shipping reports to lessen the financial impact.

How to void UPS labels

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