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Refund Retriever Blog: FedEx & UPS shipment Auditing and Refunds

We now accept Bitcoin payments

Refund Retriever is always innovating to improve our UPS & FedEx late package refunds, shipment billing invoice mistake refunds and customer experience. We are happy to announce that we now accept Bitcoin as payment for your Refund Retriever invoice. What is Bitcoin? Bitcoin is a distributed, digital currency. It is…

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Reports and Analytical Tools for Contract Negotiations

Many third-party negotiators (3PN) claim their expertise is in special analytical tools. At Refund Retriever, those same tools and reports are provided for you free of charge. Therefore, let’s discuss a few UPS & FedEx contract negotiation tools. In the previous blog post, we stressed knowing your shipping data’s importance. Do…

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Contract Negotiations for Small Parcel Shipping

The real question here is not, why should your business negotiate better shipping rates. But instead – why not? But before you call your friendly carrier rep for a meeting, there are a few FedEx service agreement discount strategies to consider first. No one knows your business as you do….

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What is a FedEx systematic service failure?

FedEx Invoice GSR Refund

Yes, every once in a blue moon, we see a rare FedEx systematic svc fail refunded by FedEx without any request necessary. But for UPS, the answer is no. We have never seen UPS automatically give a GSR refund on a late-delivered parcel. Never. FedEx Systematic SVC Credit FedEx rarely…

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Dimensional Weight DIM for UPS & FedEx

DIM Weight Calculations

UPS Ground and FedEx Ground Home Delivery modify their shipping rates each year. Rates will be based on the size of the package. This pricing program is known as Dimensional Weight Pricing, also referred to as DIM Weight. Since 2007, UPS and FedEx have only used DIM weight for packages…

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