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Brian Gibbs

UPS & FedEx International Services

UPS and FedEx both provide excellent international delivery options. We decided to put each international service side by side to compare the estimated delivery dates for both carriers. This is a general guide to determining when your package will arrive. For more accurate FedEx & UPS international shipping estimates, contact…

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FedEx Domestic Delivery Services

There are many FedEx domestic delivery services with a variety of delivery commitments. Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to figure out what service to use. Therefore, we have put together a quick reference chart for each service with a delivery range. Enjoy! The price of each FedEx domestic delivery…

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FedEx Online Billing Invoice Downloads

Many people do not know how to download a FedEx invoice from the FedEx Online Billing Center. Here is an introductory video on how exactly to do this. It’s easy! FedEx Billing Online First, go to Enter your FedEx ID and password. Select Get Billing Online and click the…

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No contract length with Refund Retriever

Shipping Auditing Many FedEx and UPS shipping auditing companies are very different from Refund Retriever in a variety of ways.  Refund Retriever writes all our own software, does all our own processing, and never sells client information to any third party companies.  Refund Retriever also does not require a contract…

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Parcel Service Fee Negotiation: What you should know

In our previous blog articles, we’ve discussed why you should negotiate rates with your shipping carrier, even tips on preparing for negotiations. Now, we’ll discuss WHAT to negotiate. Parcel service fee negotiation is important. You may hear some say fee XYZ can be negotiated or fee ABC cannot be negotiated….

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Channel Advisor’s Catalyst 2015 Update

Refund Retriever would like to thank everyone that came out and saw us in Vegas at Channel Advisor’s Catalyst event. We were able to visit with lots of current customers and gain some new ones. We spent some time with our current partners such as BigCommerce and Shipworks, plus hopefully…

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Response to the Heartbleed bug

If you haven’t updated your password since 4/7, we strongly encourage it. Google researchers recently found a bug in the security software behind most websites (even Yahoo and Twitter). As a precaution, we strongly encourage all of our users to update their password. It’s quite easy: complete our forgot-password form,…

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FedEx Dimensional Weight (DIM)

What is Dimensional Weight? Dimensional (DIM) weight pricing is the carriers’ way of encouraging parcel shippers to optimize box sizes. This prevents wasted space inside the boxes, which wastes space in their trucks. The package’s DIM weight is used as the billable weight if it’s higher than the physical weight….

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Hall of Fame – Recent $925 Refund

Parcel Recovery

Time to brag about our FedEx money back guarantee success. FedEx Money Back Guarantee One of our customers sent a FedEx package to South America, and this package arrived late. Result? A $925 Guaranteed Service Refund straight to our customer, as a credit on their invoice. As the image below shows…

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2011 FedEx Accessorial Fee List

Fees - FedEx

The following 2011 FedEx accessorial fee surcharge changes took effect Jan. 4, 2010, unless otherwise noted FedEx Express®, FedEx Ground®, and FedEx Home Delivery® services. Please refer to the FedEx Service Guide for a complete list of charges and any increase that might have taken place since this list was…

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Refund Retriever: FedEx and UPS Auditing

FedEx Refunds

Anytime a carrier (FedEx or UPS) is even one minute late with a shipment, you are entitled to a full refund. Refund Retriever is here to help. We find the late deliveries on your FedEx and UPS invoices and automatically have the carrier issue a full refund back to your…

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